What do we mean by "connecting"? First of all, men need to connect with God and make God a central part of their life. Second, men need to connect with other men, including other United Methodist Men (UMM) within their church and the central Texas area. Two ways to help men "connect" include chartering your local men's group with the national UMM organization and becoming an individual member of the national organization through Every Member Share (EMS) or Legacy Builders.

Connecting with God

Connecting with God can be done through daily prayer, bible studies, book studies, and various other means. Each man is different. Come explore some of the ways you can connect with God.

Praying manConnecting with God


Connecting with UMM

Connecting with other UMM occurs through fellowship with men in the Capital District or within local UMM units. Occasional Rio Texas Conference UMM activities also provide a means of fellowship through retreats.

  Connecting with other UMMConnecting with UMM picture

Legacy Builders and EMS

Legacy Builders and Every Member Share (EMS) allows men to support (and thus connect with) the national UMM organization - the General Commission on United Methodist Men (GCUMM). Find out more about Legacy Builders and EMS here.

Local Unit Chartering

If you have a men's group at your church, you can charter the group through the GCUMM which will open up various resources to your group. Find out how to charter your group here.

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