Legacy Builders & EMS

Every Man Shares (EMS)

Methodist men are encouraged to support the General Commission on UMM (GCUMM) via Every Member Share (EMS) or via Legacy Builders. It costs $45 per year to become an EMS member.  By becoming an EMS member, you are supporting the following ministries:

In addition, an excellent resource you will receive with your EMS membership is the quarterly UM Men Magazine. This is an very informative and inspirational magazine for Methodist men.

To find out more about EMS or to enroll, please go to the GCUMM's EMS web page.

Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders is an expanded version of EMS. The first $45 of your membership pays for your EMS membership. There are various levels of Legacy Builders ranging from "Bronze" ($10 per month) to "Platinum" ($100 per month). Your gifts through Legacy Builders help support:

To find out more about Legacy Builders or to enroll, please go to the GCUMM's Legacy Builders web page.

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