Connecting with God

Growing spiritually requires a relationship, or "connection" with God. God is not a million miles away - He is all around and is waiting for you to let Him in to your heart. There are many ways to connect with God. Some of the more common ways are:

Bible pictureAll of the above can be done individually or with a group of men. If your church has a men's ministry, try getting together on a regular basis in a study or prayer group. Occasionally, try to form an all men's study within your church. Some men are more likely to open up when the group consists of men only. Individually, try to set aside a small amount of time each day to pray, study, and contemplate. For reading ideas, check out the GCUMM's recommended reading list; or you can talk to your pastor or prominent men within your church.

Some other ways to connect with God which you may or may not have thought of are:

God wants to be in relationship with you, but you have to let Him in.  Are you ready?

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