Connecting with other UMM

Connecting with other United Methodist Men (UMM) in the Austin / Central Texas area is a great way to fellowship with other men and to find out what other UMM groups are doing at their church. Men need fellowship more then most will admit. Whether it is a weekly or monthly breakfast, a mission project, attending sporting events (see Links), or a Bible study - getting men together in Christian fellowship and study is important.

The following areas describe how your local unit, the Capital District UMM, or the Rio Texas Conference UMM can help men "connect".

Austin district breakfast picture

Fellowship at an Austin/Capital District Breakfast


Capital District Quarterly Breakfasts

The Capital District UMM has quarterly breakfast meetings (generally in February, May, August, and November) - see picture above. This is a great way for men from various churches in the Austin area to fellowship. We eat, sing, have a program, and have Communion. The meetings are held on Saturday mornings at a host church and generally run from 7:30 until 10:00 AM. To find out when and where the next meeting is, check the News page regularly.

Local Units

Many times, an Austin area men's group has an idea for some type of project or function, but does not have the resources to make it happen. Why not join up with another men's group in the area? Now you have enough men and resources to accomplish the project. A second benefit is you get to know other men with similar interests.

Joining other UMM groups for a bible study or breakfast can also work. The Capital District UMM can help your men's group identify active men's groups in your area, so don't hesitate to partner with other groups.

Rio Texas Conference UMM

The Rio Texas Conference UMM attempts to host a yearly retreat or gathering at Mt. Wesley in Kerrville. Again, this a great way to fellowship with other UMM and grow spiritually by attending the various programs.

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